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In November of 1904, a small group of Glennville’s business leaders met to discuss the prospects of chartering a bank.  These individuals recognized the need for a local organization to meet the growing financial demands of the small Southeast Georgia community.  On January 12, 1905, due to the effort of this small group, the Glennville Bank was incorporated under the law of the State of Georgia. After pooling their resources, the original five directors and eighteen other incorporators began selling capital stock. 
On March 13, 1905, the Glennville Bank began operating with 40 shareholders and $30,000 in capital stock. Today, the Glennville Bank operates with over 400 shareholders and total capital in excess of $11 million.  At 12/31/2001, the bank’s total assets exceeded $99 million.
In 1905, the search began for a suitable location.  W.F. Durrence, Sr. offered the northeast corner of Barnard and Caswell Streets to the bank for a price of $250.  There was a building on this property, and Mr. Durrence agreed for the bank to use this building. Although periodic renovations have been required, the Glennville Bank has resided at this same location and in this same building since its inception in 1905.  This remained the Glennville Bank’s only
location until 1976, when the bank built a branch office on Highway 301 North in Glennville.  In 2000, after successfully entering the new millennium, a full service branch was constructed in Ludowici, Georgia. 
During the 1990's, the Glennville Bank began to outgrow the original main office location.  Discussion began concerning the construction of a new state-of-the-art corporate office.  Recognizing the importance of preserving Downtown Glennville, the bank made a commitment to construct a new banking facility at the same Barnard and Caswell Street location originally occupied in 1905. The construction is currently in progress with completion scheduled for mid-2003.  (See progress at bottom of page)
During its 97-year existence, the Glennville Bank has always been a community bank.  Independently owned and operated, the Glennville Bank prides itself in knowing its customers by name.  The bank has maintained a 97-year tradition of providing confidential and personal customer service, while sharing in all the success and tragedy that has had an impact on our community and nation. From the Great Depression and both World Wars to the recent events of September 11, 2001, the
Glennville Bank, like our nation, has survived many years of fortune and adversity.  Our directors, officers, and employees are dedicated to continuing this tradition and providing quality financial services for many years to come.  We invite you to visit or call one of our convenient locations.  Someone on our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you today. 

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