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Tippins Banking Company opened for business on June 12, 1939 with Robert Remer "Bob" Tippins, Sr. as President. The Bank was located in a building that had previously been occupied by the old Claxton Bank. The Bank’s original location was torn down many years ago to make way for the four-laning of highway 301 through Claxton. Kennedy Park is now located where at the corner where the building once stood. Since its beginning, Tippins Bank has grown steadily in terms of deposits, facilities, and banking services provided in the area.

R. R. Tippins, Sr. remained at the helm of the bank untill his death February 4, 1952, at which time he was succeeded by his son, R. R. "Robert" Tippins, Jr.  In 1958, during Robert’s reign as president, the bank relocated to Main Street which is presently the down town branch location.  In 1965, the Board of Directors voted to change the Bank’s name to Tippins Bank .

R. R. Tippins, Jr died June 27, 1969. He was serving his 17th year as president of the Bank at the time of his death. H. F. "Frank" Laws assumed the presidency at that time. During Mr. Law’s term, the Bank was relocated to it’s present location on Highway 301 North.  Mr. Laws served as president until he retired January 20, 1982.  At that time, Robert Remer "Bobby" Tippins, III was elected President of the Bank. Bobby served as President until his death on December 8, 2002.

At the close of business on December 30, 1939, Tippins Banking Company reported total assets and liabilities of $10,751.25. Today under the direction of  Bank’s Board of Directors and current management, those figures are in excess of $50,000,000.00.

Tippins Bank has always tried to be first in our community with products and services which will make your accounts closer to you at any time. We were the first with "In House Computing" as well as offering ATM services, Image Statements and now with Internet Banking with Bill Paying.  We also offer our "Easy Access" telephone banking where you will always be a telephone call away from up to date account information.   If you ever find yourself away from your computer, just pick up the nearest telephone and dial 912-739-EASY (3279). In order to protect your accounts from fraud, you must contact the bank to request this service and obtain a Personal Identification Number or PIN.

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